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Comprehensive Debt, Equity & Advisory Solutions

Rittenhouse Capital Advisors’ expertise & sole focus is on placing debt & equity for Rittenhouse Realty’s clients whether on the buy-side or for a refinance. Rittenhouse Capital leverages their extensive Lender relationships developed over 30 years in the Banking Industry, most in the seat of a direct lender. As such, we can speak “Banker to Banker” to the ultimate source of capital for your project.

Balance Sheet Lenders:

  • Local Banks
  • Regional Banks
  • Money Center Banks
  • Life Companies

Agency Lenders:

  • Fannie Mae
  • Freddie Mac
  • HUD

Securitized Lending:

  • CMBS Lenders


  • Private Equity
  • Mezzanine Funds
  • Non-Bank Lenders

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Our Capital Advisory Team

George Johnson
George Johnson
President & CEO
Tel: (215) 989-4443
Cell: (267) 218-4411
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Joe Hanuscin
Joseph Hanuscin, Jr.
VP, Lending Operations
Tel:(215) 971-2004
Cell: (267) 908-1564
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Andrew Beauchemin
Business Development Originator
Tel: (267) 323-4079
Cell: (856) 745-5940
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James Grande
Business Development Associate
Tel: (267) 323-4086
Cell: (215) 359-8261
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Our Underwriting & Lending Expertise covers the full range of commercial real estate asset types.

Debt & Equity Solutions

  • Multifamily
  • Mobile Home Communities
  • Student Apartments
  • Senior Apartments

  • Retail
  • Credit Tenant Leases
  • Mixed Use
  • Office

  • Industrial
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare

  • Development
  • Owner User
  • Special Purpose

“We understand the complexities of commercial real estate. Supply and Demand factors are ever evolving from market to market and cycle to cycle. No two assets are exactly alike and every deal is comprised of different ‘moving parts’.”

Each borrower has different perspectives on the markets and as such, varying strategies for each asset in their portfolio, large or small.  Some owners may be driven by tax or estate considerations.  Others may be focused on maximizing returns to investors or expedited debt reductions to maximize cash flow in later years.  Some owners are driven by near term results on an opportunity play while others with a long term view are motivated to build up asset appreciation over time.

Rittenhouse Capital AdvisorsWhatever the underlying critical considerations, RCA strives to understand them at their highest level and as such, negotiate and arrange the financing structure that runs most highly in concert with those factors.

Our experience over the past 30+ years, across the full range of underwriting & lending platforms, most in the seat of a “direct lender”, position us to be able to talk “banker to banker” to the ultimate funding source.

Relationships formed over the years with senior Credit & Lending executives spanning the full spectrum of real estate lending (Local, Regional and National Banks, CMBS, Life Companies, Agency Lenders, Non-Banks & Equity players) are leveraged to deliver the most competitive terms, maximize responsiveness and deliver commitments and funding in the most efficient and professional manner possible.

From each success, we look forward to building a long-term advisory relationship that facilitates the successful execution of your global real estate strategy.

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